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A prize package from #worldreefers for world reefers!! Use the hashtag #worldreefers on Instagram for your original posts throughout the month of September and you could win! Must be 18 or older because this prize does include a rig from @minguezglass, and no private profiles please as I can’t see your entries!
Prizes include an XL @stoner_stuff shirt, XS @urbanfarmerclothing shirt, slick sheets, stacks, and pads from @oilslick, the 10mm rig from @minguezglass along with @halenhoneyholes nail and carb cap and #highlyeducated triniti nail!! A whole set up for a new dabber, quartz or ti for you to dab on and all the goodies for your concentrates. Thank you for participating and staying high!!

Afgoo Shatter from Oregon’s Finest in Portland 77.5% THC

thanks for the good night Oakland

Milk shot 💜

🍊🍊 #macromob by cactuskush http://ift.tt/1ssZ1Ve